Tickled Pink – Newborn Starter Pack

New parent? New to Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diapering? Try our Newborn Diapers with our Tickled Pink starter kit. Save up to 15% off!

  • Prints: Assorted
  • Contents: 2 Newborn Cover diapers with prefolds, 1 Newborn shell diaper with prefold, 5 stay-dry liners.
  • Size: Newborn Size 0-6 Months
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Dry Feel: Liners are included.
  • Absorbency: 5-6 Hours (May Vary)
  • Usage: Both Day and Night.



Newborn Shell Vs Cover Diapers

  • The Main difference between both is in the outer covers.
  • The Cover diaper outer is made of waterproof layer only. So it does absorb or retain the pee. Once the pad is fully wet or after 3 hours of usage, remove the pad. Wipe the outer cover, air dry it and reuse the outer with another pad. You can do this twice or thrice in a day. After which, you have to wash the outer cover.
  • The Shell diaper outer is made of 3 components. Waterproof outer layer, dry feel inner layer. Between these two layers, there are 2 cotton layers in the middle. It absorbs & retains the pee. So you should wash the whole diaper after every usage and then reuse it.
  • Cover diapers are suitable for daytime as you may need for quick diaper changes. Shell Diapers are more advantageous for nighttime diapering for newborns.

Product Features:

  • Laundry Tabs: Laundry tabs keep away lint and dirt from spoiling the hook’s performance. Just close the hook with the tabs provided and put them to wash.
  • Our gentle elastics do not cause any marks on your baby’s skin and allow ample movements for even the most active babies. The Elastics do not roll back and do not cause impressions on the baby’s skin.

Baby Soft Hook & Loop Closure:

  • Newborn Cloth diapers have a baby soft hook and loop closure which is soft to touch. It does not harm, poke or hurt the baby.
  • Contains one GOTS certified organic cotton prefold that is attachable. It has 3x3x3 layers of organic cotton and a dry feel layer on one panel. You can either use the dry feel top or the cotton top. Use a Stay-dry liner on top for easy cleaning of poop. Liners prevent poop stains and provide a dry feel for the baby.
  • Grab Extra Prefolds here to use with the diaper.

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Are these Newborn Cloth Diapers waterproof ?

Yes. Our Newborn Cloth Diaper covers are waterproof.

Are these diapers stay dry?

As newborn diaper cover (outer) does not have dry feel, baby will feel some wetness in the thigh area. You must use liner if you use for nighttime as well.

Shell diaper is a better choice for nighttime for the same reason.

As the outer cover does not have dry feel, your baby will feel wetness around the elastic area. So we recommend using dry feel liners.

You can reuse the outer cover without washing for 2-3 times a day. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Once the pad is fully wet, remove the liner and pad. Store them in an open pail.
  • Wipe the outer cover using cloth wipes or just airdry it for 5 mins.
  • Attach another fresh prefold, place liner on top. All good to go!

You should reuse the outer cover only if baby has not pooped. Wash and reuse if baby has pooped in to it!


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